Drink Alkaline Hydrogen-rich Ionized Water.

The Best Water on the Planet!

Ionizer Features

Incredible pH ranges from 3.0 to 11.5

Up to -850 mv ORP

Up to 1800 ppb Dissolved Hydrogen levels

9-Levels of Water. 4-Alkaline 4-Acidic 1-Purified

9 platinum coated titanium plates

UV light technology

Ergonomic Design

Ultra Filtration (1st) & Multi-Carbon Filtration (2nd) System

Easy Scaling System with Cleaning filter

RFID function – Wireless filter indication system

LED Screen

Select 5 Language Voices

400 Programmable pH and ORP levels

Automatic Cleaning System

Millions of people suffer daily from chronic dehydration.

Drinking alkaline hydrogen-rich ionized water promotes good health with its ultimate hydration, oxygenation, and cellular detoxification.

Normal drinking water has a neutral pH of 7 on the pH scale. Alkaline water is around pH 8 or 9 on the pH scale.

Alkaline hydrogen-rich ionized water with a pH of 9.5 is the healthiest and purest kind of water to drink.

For more on alkaline ionized hydrogen-rich water consumption read the FAQ’s.