Alkaline water for pets

Is it good for my pet?

The answer is yes, supported by many years of animal research that Alkaline water is good for pets. Dogs and cats are prone to the very same ailments and diseases as humans, especially when diets are just as unhealthy. Pets need nutrients and minerals, too! Processed dog and cat food can easily be the equivalent of our fast food. Drinking alkaline water can deliver bioavailable minerals and electrolytes to our pets for good health. 

Why my pet should not drink alkaline water with food.

Your pet’s stomach relies on acidic juices to break down food. Alkaline water raises the pH of the stomach for about 30 minutes. Raising the pH of the stomach while eating may interfere with the digestive juices.

Purified water is best when pets are nursing

Studies on baby rats in Japan revealed that they absorbed much higher than normal levels of calcium from mothers that were given alkaline water while nursing. This can lead to the baby animal absorbing excessive amounts of calcium from the mother’s milk. This can cause a condition known as calcinuria.  For this reason, you should give the mother purified water for the entire time she is nursing her young.

You should also give puppies and kittens plain water until they have reached an age of one year.  

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