Cleaning Vegetables & Fruits & Cooking

There are many reasons we use ionized water, and they mostly revolve around our health. One of the ionized water benefits is that this water can be used for cleaning of fruits and vegetables.

The water has different pH values, and the alkaline water with high pH value of 11-11.5 is used to clean the fruits and vegetables and remove pesticides and herbicides.  Please note the high pH value of 11-11.5 is alkaline ionized water for cleaning and not for drinking.  

Also, the acidic ionized water can be used for disinfection of fruits and vegetables. The best acidic water cleaning agent to kill bacteria is pH 2.5 -3.0.

Alkaline water while cooking-

Soak tough textured products like broccoli and lettuce in the acidic water preferably pH 2.5-3.0 for two to three minutes. This is a powerful tool to fight bacteria and germs.

Then, the vegetables should be soaked in strong alkaline water of preferably pH 11.0 -11.5 for five minutes to clean the products, removes herbicides and pesticides from the outer layer of the vegetables and enhances the shelf life of the vegetables.

The high pH alkaline ionized water is a great emulsifier for cleaning out chemicals such as pesticides found on fruits. This is unlike for rain and tap water, which cannot remove the oil-based pesticides.

The water does not change the color of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, eggplants and red cabbages, but instead it brings out these vibrant colors.

The alkaline water which is used for drinking can be used also for boiling of vegetables. It brings out and enhances their natural flavor. This makes the vegetables more nutritious for the body.

Alkaline ionized water is used as the best water for drinking.  But you can use the ionized water for cooking and cleaning, which are other ionized water benefits.

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