Exercise & alkaline water

The benefits of drinking ionized hydrogen-rich water during exercise.

  1. The good hydration and oxygenation that ionized water helps your body to have more energy during your workout.
  2. During exercise your body’s circulation increases. This is a perfect time to alkalize your body. Doing this will provide the alkaline buffers to your body that it needs to safely remove toxins or the acidic wastes from your cells.
  3. Alkaline ionized water is rich in bio-available negatively-charged alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, that your muscles need to do their work.

Does hydrogen rich electrolyzed water have a benefit to athletes or to people who are just training?

Answer: With electrolyzed ionized water, hydrogen is the primary component that really suppresses this oxidative fire into the human body. Hydrogen does not disrupt those vital oxidative processes. It’s very selective. It only suppresses those that seem to be bad or have a negative influence on the body.

The hydrogen rich water, because it functions as a very powerful antioxidant, has some degree of acid/alkaline suppression capabilities. In the athletic population we’re seeing that it reduces the lactic acid accumulation.

How long will the hydrogen gas stay in the water?

Answer: Hydrogen gas is not very long-lived. The reason why we use an alkaline hydrogen-rich water ionizer to make it on a regular basis. We know that hydrogen can be slightly stabilized in water for several hours. …If you boil the water or even heat it up, the hydrogen is going to dissipate even faster. So, it’s important to have fresh ionized water on a routine basis.

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