How Ionizers Work

The countertop version of the alkaline water ionizer is attached to the cold side of the faucet tap water. The tap-water runs through a dual filter multi-stage media filtration system that removes all the contaminants from the water. Then, the water passes through dual electrolysis titanium 9-plate chambers, that produces hydrogen gas, and dissolves into the water. The water is divided into two streams with one Acidic and the other stream is Alkaline water. The water becomes alkaline hydrogen ionized water with antioxidants and micro-clustered for maximum hydration and cellular detoxification.

A water ionizer separates the carbonate from tap water from the alkaline minerals. The alkaline minerals, and the acidic carbonate are discharged in a separate stream of water. By separating the alkaline elements in tap water from the acidic elements, a water ionizer enables you to get the benefit of the natural acid-fighting alkalinity the alkaline minerals in your water like calcium and magnesium. These alkaline minerals, once freed of the carbonate, gain antioxidant potential and acid fighting alkalinity.

The tap water runs through a dual filtration system that removes the toxins from the water. Then, the clean water runs across dual (9) titanium plate electrolysis chambers, that allows energetically charged atoms and molecules – called ions – to pass through.

 It doesn’t allow energetically neutral atoms and molecules to pass through. Water molecules are energetically neutral, so they don’t pass through the electrolysis chambers. The alkaline mineral ions in water, and the carbonate ions in water both have energetic charges, so they’re allowed to pass through. This separates the alkaline minerals from the acidic carbonate.

The alkaline minerals in water have a positive energetic charge – that makes them positively charged ions. Likewise, the acidic carbonate in water have a negative electrical charge, which makes them negatively charged ions.

The electromagnetically charged plates in the water ionizer electrolysis chambers separate those ions. The positively charged alkaline mineral ions are attracted to the negative plates. The acidic carbonate is attracted to the positively charged plates. The electrolysis chamber allows both the positively charged alkaline mineral ions, and the negatively charged carbonate ions to pass through it, which then separates these ions into two of the electrolysis chambers.

Once separated, the ions in both chambers react with the water that’s inside each chamber to make alkaline and acidic waters. Each type of water is discharged in a separate stream coming out of the water ionizer. The alkaline minerals are discharged in the alkaline stream as alkaline mineral water. The acidic carbonate is discharged in the acidic water stream as a solution of carbonic acid. When you dissolve CO2 into water, it makes carbonic acid.

Once freed of the acidic carbonate, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are highly unstable. They immediately react with water molecules by grabbing a hydroxyl ion from them to form alkaline mineral hydrates. The alkaline minerals’ positive energetic charge is then able to take a hydroxyl ion from a water molecule because it overcomes the energetic force holding the water molecule together.

When this happens, the alkaline mineral ion gains the hydroxyl ion, and an atom of hydrogen is released. It is because of this reaction that alkaline water from a water ionizer is rich in hydrogen H2.

Thanks to the negative energetic charge of the hydroxyl ion, the alkaline water in a water ionizer gains a negative energetic charge, which is called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

The negative ORP of alkaline water from a water ionizer gives it the ability to reduce oxidative substances, such as free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Oxidative substances in the body are believed to be a major factor in disease and aging. It is the Oxidation Reduction Potential of alkaline water that gives it the potential to work as an antioxidant.

Hydrogen H2 water is Alkaline ionized water. The best water on the planet to drink.

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